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10 Unknown Health Benefits of Raisins(Dry Grapes)

Most of us don’t know the health benefits of eating Raisins daily in our diet plan. Raisins are coming under dry fruits category, i.e, dry grapes it is.

Raisins are rich in essential nutrients. A bunch of dry fruits a day will keep our body nutrient rich and gives us enough energy for the entire day to stay strong in work place and also in bed too.

They have Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Carbohydrates, Sodium, Calorie, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium and more importantly 0% of Cholesterol. Do we need anything more to have it daily for our good health??

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These are top benefits of having Raisins everyday

  1. Gain Body Weight

         If you are trying hard to gain weight on your body, this one of the best food that you will get for that. It is rich with fructose and glucose which gives you lots of energy, thus body gains weight. And moreover, it does not have cholesterol in it, so no need to worry about cholesterol.

  2. Help in Digestion

         Raisin contains rich fiber contents in it. Having few raisins a day will help in digestions and solve constipation problems, make bowel movement regular. The fiber in it keep toxins and other waste items out of our stomach.

  3.  Reduce Acidity

         Potassium and Magnesium are in good levels in Raisin.This helps in reducing acidity from the stomach and also help remove the toxins. Take food on time and drink lots of water along with this to prevent/cure acidity problems.

  4. Increase Sexual Health

    Raisins can improve your sexual health. It contains Amino acid called Arginine which increases libido and induces sexual arousal in yourself. It is also found that raisins are good for erectile dysfunction problem.

  5. For Good Bones

    Our bones need a good amount of calcium. The raisins contain that in it. So have it daily and have a healthy and strong bone in you.

  6. Prevents Cancer

    Raisins have Catechins, which are a rich source of Polyphenolic Acid and Antioxidants. Include raisins in your diet thus increase a number of antioxidants in the blood, thus thereby prevent cancer in the longer run.

  7.  Dental Care

    Oleanolic Acid, which is one of the major Phytochemicals found in Raisins, is known to play a major role in protecting your teeth against decay and cavities. It prevents the buildup of the bacteria around your teeth and gums and cuts down the chances of brittleness.

  8. Treats Anemia

    Raisins are known to contain a sufficient amount of Iron which helps in the direct treatment of Anemia. It also contains many Vitamins belonging to the family of B complex, thereby helping in the formation of new blood cells. The high amounts of Copper found in Raisins are again known to help in the formation of red blood cells.

  9. Skin Care

    Raisins are known to protect the skin by guarding the cells from any damage. Antioxidants found in raisins repair the dead skin cells. It is also known that it prevents skin from sun damage. Moreover, it stimulates the creation of new skin cells on your body.

  10. Hair Growth

    Raisins are rich in iron and it helps a lot in hair growth. Vitamin C helps in absorbing minerals and thus nourishes hair. It also helps in reducing dandruff.

The list continues………….

Don’t wait for another day, start eating Raisins today onwards and have a Healthy Life ahead.

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